I haven’t posted much to this blog in an awfully long time. My apologies! So, to make up for that, here are some sweets 🙂

I have been doing a lot of other creative bits and pieces, mostly with pen and ink and not so much with Inkscape or Illustrator. So, I HAVE been doing stuff, just not much that is suitable, really, for this blog.

Anyway, in between sketching and doodling, I have done a few vectorisations, so will start uploading them.

Hope you like them allConfectionary


Templates I use for icon creating


Icons set

These are some of the icons that I use as my templates for more bespoke icons. I have a ton more than this, but not all in one file, which I need to actually put together for easy to find handiness. Below is a view of what I would do with these icons.

Social networking and chat 2This is an icon that was used for an online market research survey to convey ‘social networking’ – so the question would have been something like: which of the following do you do on your home computer? And lots of different options together with imagery such as this one would pass across the screen for you to select, or not….Fascinating, right? 😀

Pile of books


Pile of booksI designed this for a competition we had at work (I work in market research). We were to design a question for a book publisher for an online survey. My idea for the question (which was a like very much to dislike very much type questions)  was to add books to the pile depending on how much you liked a book and take them away if you didn’t like the book.

Anyway, I won a book!


You can never have enough books, so pile ’em on, is what I say!

Balloons with String


Bunch of colourful BalloonsHardly the most inventive title. But it does say what it is, I suppose! Now, the grey disc under the balloons should be blurred to represent shade, but for some reason when I upload to wordpress, the blurring has disappeared. Most strange. Anyway, you will need to imagine shade rather than what looks like a hole!

By the way, contact me if you would like to use any of these (non commercial) or if you would like a design designed (commercial). Or if you go to my Fotolia portfolio you can download them from there if you take out a subscription with them. Here is the link to my portfolio: http://en.fotolia.com/p/201547292

Orange and Grey mini Flat Icon set


Blue and Orange flat people icons with shadeI thought I would try my hand at designing a small set of ‘flat icons’. They seem to be all the rage at the moment. They are quite fun to do, I like designing icons anyway, so just adapted what I already do to a more modern style. I did them in blue and orange too, but they are on my work computer so will upload them next week.

Again. ALL done with Inkscape. I wish all the microstock agencies took SVG files. Fotolia does, but Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Depositphotos don’t unfortunately. But I just can’t be doing with Illustrator. Ah well…

S.W.A.L.K ~ Aw!



Do you remember writing this when you were really very little? Maybe you still do, although with the on-set of email, I think it less likely. In fact, what WOULD be the equivalent of S.W.A.L.K for email – probably the same actually, substituting the word ‘sealed’ with ‘sent’. Saying that, I think don’t think I will start sending emails with that on them. My clients might think I am a bit bonkers. Well, more bonkers than they already know I am.

For some reason the jpg (this image) hasn’t shown the envelope the way it actually is when you view the image in Illustrator – where are the envelope folds and creases that I painstakingly added in?

Love you all. Whomever you may be. S.W.A.L.K

P.S. here it is in all it’s glory:



Star burst in a clowd with arrows and webs

Happy Birthday to my eldest son, Sam, who is 17 today! I have three wonderful sons and Sam is a lovely big brother to the other two and is generous, fun and amazingly bright. I know he will do well in his life no matter what he chooses to do with it.

Love you, Sam!


More Valentine Hearts


Valentine Hearts

I did this one a while ago now too. Forgot I even had it on my hard drive. Again, I used Inkscape as I hadn’t yet gotten Illustrator when I did this one. I did three similar ones, actually. This one, a  more bright pillar box red and a blue one. I’ll upload those ones in my next couple of posts leading up to St Valentine’s day.

This isn’t to say that I think anything about Valentine’s day, but I do need to keep on top of these sorts of ‘special times’ for when I am uploading images to microstock photography sites. No point in uploading Christmas themes at Easter, Summer holiday ideas when it’s Christmas etc.

Anyway. Am burbling on about nothing now.

Very VERY shiny hearts


Bunch of Valentine Heart Balloons

I did these very shiny heart balloons a while ago now – not sure how I did them now! Lots of gradients and reduction of opacity, I’m sure. Well, it is coming up for Valentines day, so I suppose this is appropriate. At the moment, I am actually into good old regular pen and pencil doodling and not so much illustrator illustrating. I just need to convert my doodles to an ai or eps file and see what happens. So, do I trace or do I bezier pen them? Hm!